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Brave As A Noun/Survival Song - Andrew Jackson Jihad

Cause if you ain’t got the do-rei-me, boys…


Hey guys! I’m going to open up a few quick, $10 commissions.
If you’re interested please fill out the form below! You can send it to me through tumblr or to my weasyl account

  • Character name:
  • Ref Location:
  • Portrait style or Full body w/ flat color
  • Pose ideas: (if any!)
  • The best way to contact you:
  • Anything else:

I will do: nudity, gore, body horror
I won’t do: NSFW or multiple characters in one image (I’m trying to keep these quick!)
If you’re interested in a subject or theme and don’t see it listed above just shoot me an ask/note!
Boosts appreciated!

4 slots left!